People are talking about this new critique of Darwin’s sexual selection

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Apparently, the author got in trouble in the Netherlands over it, but then those were the people who threw out Ayaan Hirsi Ali too, so …

Don’t facts have to matter at some point?

5 Replies to “People are talking about this new critique of Darwin’s sexual selection

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    snelldl says:

    The link is to a google mail account

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    julianbre says:

    I want to be talking about it, but the link doesn’t work.

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    jstanley01 says:

    Leave Mrs. Darwin alone!

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    Mung says:

    Mrs. Darwin needs to get her own google mail account.

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    bornagain77 says:

    The counterintuitive role of sexual selection in species maintenance and speciation – Maria R. Servedio – April 2014
    Excerpt: Speculation on the role of sexual selection in driving speciation and species maintenance traces back to the beginning of the explosion in sexual selection research seen in the past few decades (e.g., refs. 3, 4, 22, and 28). The more that this putative relationship is explored, however, the more tenuous it appears to be (e.g., refs. 10 and 11). Here we show that when sexual selection is isolated in a pure Fisherian form, it inhibits species maintenance in one of the situations in which its role seemed clearest, when the trait under sexual selection is also locally adapted. Furthermore, sexual selection is lost in this Fisherian system if preference strengths themselves are allowed to evolve.

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