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Vote for Your Favorite Logo!


The Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism conference’s logo contest just finished taking submissions. Vote for your favorite design!

I am curious what you all think of the logo submissions. So, before picking one, I thought I would get your feedback on the submissions. You can see all of the active submissions here. Please post below your favorite logo (indicate it by the entry number), and maybe a note about why you think it is best!

#75 I like #42 too, but the frog and leaf design, while cool, is a bit too loudly Met. Naturalism for me, which is the point - we want an alternative. Borne
This contest is not for people who speak English, is it? On a design level, I have to agree with others that #42 should take the prize, but I would enlarge the picture of the frog-leaf and delete all the writing. TimT
Well, I know what meth. nat. is, but I'm not sure what the "alternatives" are. So I looked at the designs with a simple question. Which one tells me what "alt to meth nat" means? Definitely 42, the frog cut out of the leaf. Represents what I like to call the Grand Blueprint, the single original design yielding subdesigns by subtraction. The other logos are either Escher (why?) or generic corporate. polistra
I like #42 as well. But then I like frogs... anthropic
John S: Do you mean #42? My favourite is #11. gpuccio
#143 It is unique among the submissions with the frog and leaf. I don't know who the logo is designed for, who the target audience is, but for a regular dude (not a scientist) that's the one I would be most drawn to click on. The others look like geek logos, and combined with the name most 'normal' people will not have their interest stirred. John S

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