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What IS information, when so many sciences disagree?

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From the Christian Scientific Society:

We will be having a regional meeting again this year, November 13-14 in Seattle, at the Discovery Institute. This year’s meeting in on the topic “What is Information?” This question seems to keep coming up. At the annual meeting in Pittsburgh, J.P. Moreland argued that information must have a spiritual/non-physical aspect. Randy Isaac has argued that there is no information in biological systems because information presumes communication between intelligent agents. Bill Dembski has argued that information can never be spontaneously created, only destroyed, except by an intelligent agent. In the physics world, information is viewed as exchangeable with energy.

We have six speakers who will be addressing different aspects of this topic:

Friday night:

Doug Axe, Discovery Institute. Doug is an experienced biochemist and has a new book coming out on the science of biological information.

Jeff Zeerink, Reasons to Believe. Jeff’s expertise is in cosmology and physics and he will be discussing information in the context of cosmology.

Saturday morning:

Winston Ewert, Evolutionary Informatics Lab. Winston has worked closely with Bill Dembski on computational aspects of information.

Perry Marshall, business consultant and electrical engineer. Perry Marshall is a well known marketing expert and Christian apologist; he has a new book this year entitled Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design.

Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute. Casey has long been one of the most visible public faces of the Discovery Institute and will be giving new arguments on whether semantic information, rather than functional information, is necessary to infer design.

David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh. I will review the standard view of physicists of the physical nature of information, including in quantum mechanics, and how this affects the design argument.

Register here.

It looks great to see such a well thought out general subject. Information is the essence of the libing world etc. It will be seen this way in the future and so these are the intellectual pioneers and those who are interested in the universe elements and don't agree there is a information backbone to the universe will be on the wrong side of history. Lord bless the conference. Wish i could go. Robert Byers

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