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Why AI won’t wipe out humanity?

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Possibly because naturalists will be there ahead of it: At CNBC, futurist Michio Kaku explains that we are still the cavemen of 100,000 years ago (his “caveman principle”), so we just aren’t comfortable with brain implants and machines as persons. He goes on to say,

“I think the ‘Terminator’ idea is a reasonable one — that is that one day the internet becomes self-aware and simply says that humans are in the way,” he said. “After all, if you meet an ant hill and you’re making a 10-lane super highway, you just pave over the ants. It’s not that you don’t like the ants, it’s not that you hate ants, they are just in the way.” More.

Kaku’s conflicting pronouncements, here and elsewhere, are classic naturalism: Our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth and vast amounts of intelligence can arise from matter anywhere. Therefore naturalism wins and it should rule.

Generally, naturalism has been very bad for science, but if it wins, it gets to define science. So that doesn’t matter after all.

For the future of science under naturalism, see also: Tyson bombshell: Universe likely just computer sim


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Does Kaku think it will happen in japan before America? Aren't they more roboty then us? Who hires and pays these people? I insist we have better people who could actually contribute to our nation(s) better advancement. Even AI would better then these dudes. Robert Byers

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