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A 9-11 Memorial, on 9-11 + 11 years


Today is the 11th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Let us pause for a minute of silence, and remember.

(My personal memorial is here.)

Mr Byers: I think I need to make some notes on the relevant history, for record (not for a side-tracked debate in a blog about a wholly different issue). 1: It is not "about Israel," it is about IslamISM and its longstanding -- back to the days of the first Islamic empire from Spain to India -- global conquest ambitions, which are an inherent part of its understanding of Muslim eschatology and its view of the Sword verse and verse of Tribute from the last or next to last Surah of the Quran, which in Islamic theology takes precedence; namely Q 9:5 and 29. Cf here on what we need to know about the Black Flag Army hadith that sets the IslamIST eschatology, but which is studiously not in the news. 2: The nub of this hadith -- such are traditions of the prophet of comparable force to the Quran and without which the Quran cannot be effectively interpreted -- is that at the end of days a black flag army will arise from the direction of Khorasan [E Persia and E thereof, i.e. Afghanistan and environs] and will have Mahdi among them. It will subjugate the ME (along the way, per the Gharqad tree hadith cited in the Hamas covenant Article 7, wiping out the Jews in a massacre) and from there Mahdi will subjugate the world to E and W. Indeed, there is a 100 year Muslim Brotherhood world subjugation plan that was captured by Swiss police in the aftermath of 9-11, and the HLF trial revealed a shocking settlement-jihad plan by the same global islamist movement for the USA and by implication other countries. (Yes, the same that just took over Egypt.) 3: So, the conflicts in the ME are deeply interconnected in ways you won't see on TV news, and are connected to global issues. For instance, the very same claim made against Israel is made against Spain, as land once fallen under the IslamIST boot is deemed permanent Muslim property. Similarly, there is a Muslim scholar in the Caribbean who is busy trying to create the notion that most slaves in the Caribbean -- never mind abundant evidence of animist views -- were Muslims, with all sorts of implications for claims to "recover" the lands for Islam, for IslamIST ideologues. That BTW is one reason there is a habit of taking over or building Muslim holy sites on the religious sites of the conquered, usually without their consent. Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is a capital case in point. And there are cases from India to Spain. 4: There is a fashion of viewing Iraq as the war that should not have been fought. In fact what was fought was a continuation of what went on before on material breach of armistice terms in a context where sanctions were visibly failing and which would have plainly left Iraq free to develop nukes, it having long since developed chemical and apparently biological weapons. (Sana's argument that in the delays to the intervention, weapons etc were slipped over the border into Syria should not be lightly dismissed, given his former status in the Iraqi air force and what the Israelis later had to take out in Syria.) 5: I freely admit that the second Iraq campaign -- not, war -- was badly managed especially after the initial armoured thrusts, and that it took years to recover. But that is NORMAL in the course of wars. 6: In WW II, the allies lost every land oriented campaign but one -- the battle of Britain -- from 1939 - 1942. But once the tide turned, they defeated the Axis. WWI was much worse, and only in 1917 - 18 were the Allies able to turn the tide seriously, first against the Turks then against the Austrians and only after the Germans were barely stopped in 1918, the Germans. As to casualties, the entire campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, do not amount to the D-Day + 1 week losses. As for the 1st day on the Somme in 1916, 60,000 British casualties, 20,000 dead is a mark that one hoes will never be surpassed. Our views on the costs of war -- and the costs of losing wars directly or indirectly -- are being manipulated. And right now with IslamISTS poised to sweep the ME and the Maghreb as well as with Iran at the brink of nukes, there is a truly colossal price to be paid for the current unacknowledged strategic and policy failures. Like it or lump it WW IV is on us. (The Cold War being WW III.) 7: When it comes to Israel, the beguiling anticolonialist narrative of a colonialist Jewish project is simply wrong and largely mischievous. Indeed, in major part it is a big lies agit-prop campaign that succeeds because the Jews are perennial outsiders and the news agencies are unwilling to tell the full truth, in too many cases are willing partners in lies. Israel is in fact one of the front lines in the global conflict with expansionist IslamISM. 8: The Jews of Israel have an authentic historic root there, one as close to hand as your Bible. They have been repeatedly driven out but have always returned to their homeland as son as they could. This time, having has Chaim Weizmann save the British empire in WWI -- by creating a process to make Acetone, necessary for Cordite -- his request was to restore the homeland of his people. RESTORE. Hence the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the Weizmann - Feisal Hussein Versailles side-agreement of 1919. 9: There SHOULD have been mutually supportive Jewish and Arab nations in the ME, which SHOULD have been one of the most prosperous and advanced in the world. Instead IslamIST militancy has frustrated every reasonable effort, every compromise that would have settled the terms for both Jews and Arabs; NB how the Bible in OT and NT plainly indicates a willingness to share the land with those other peoples who lived there. And the biggest victims are the Arab peoples of the ME. (Cf a survey here and a major, point by point rebuttal to ME propaganda Myths here.) I trust this should be enough for record. KF kairosfocus
BA: Ms Guzman is a Trinidadian. As I recall, seventeen Jamaicans died, and one of the NYFD dead was a Montserratian [IIRC, son of a frmr NYFD officer who was our Fire Chief here in the 1990's], who was memorialised here yesterday. KF kairosfocus
Mr Byers: Yesterday was primarily a day for reflection on an attack and its victims. KF kairosfocus
Testing Prayer: Science and Miraculous Healing - Candy Gunther Brown at Boston College http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRfLooh3ZOk bornagain77
Amazing Testimony of the last survivor pulled from the 9-11 World Trade Center rubble; Genelle Guzman-McMillan – video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlhjuRffT48 bornagain77
The murders of 9/11 were not just those people but all Americans or anyone in America. The terrorists would of killed anyone and so its very personal to everyone. I understand most of the victims were not americans or immigrants to america. iN fact here in Toronto I shook hands with a man whose son was killed in the towers, A Canadian, and I knew a guy here whose girlfriend brother was killed in the towers. Them African immigrants. Unfortuately 9/11 gave excuse to invade Iraq. i agree with Afghanistan but not iraq. That was another motivation piggybacking upon 9/11. In fact all of it is related to America's unnatural involvement in these thord world nations and this largely because of Israel. So it just got worse and worse. No lesson was learnt about staying away from the middle east. Thankfully the killers were punished and nothing much remains. Hard to believe its already a old history. I'm old history. Robert Byers

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