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Dr. Dembski to Become Research Professor of Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Our very own Bill Dembski has decided to resign his post at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville and has accepted the position of research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. On behalf of everyone at Uncommon Descent, I wish you the very best, Bill! To read more, go here.

Welcome Back Home, Bill!

Louisville, lovely parks, the river, Derby week, and good people. Landed my first business contract there, what an awesome experience. It resulted in years of consulting. I'll never forget rainy Debry days and mud slicked people sliding down hills replenished with Mint Julips. Jimmy Johnson(Derby invitee) walking out of the Brown Hotel after winning the Super Bowl, or an evening at the old Theatre with Crosby, Stills, Nash. But, the power of horses running cross-country on bluegrass, leaping long strides across hedgerow and fence, now that's a memory cherished. All the best to you in Cowtown Dr. Dembski. I'm reminded of Dr. Beckwith's plight. Sometimes better to start with a new dozen, than brittle old Pharisee's and Sadducee's. Michaels7
Congrats!!!!!! Scott
Break a figurative leg, Bill. ---- I couldn't help to notice some of the remarks in the site linked above. The misrepresentation of ID goes on, even when the issue isn't ID. (all emphasis are mine) * Intelligent Design argues that life is too complicated to have evolved by chance, so there must have been a cosmic designer. * "Critics, including a federal judge, call it a dressed-up form of creationism that rejects sound science." * conservative Christians have embraced the movement as bolstering their belief that a biblical account of creation contradicts the theory of evolution, which virtually all biologists accept." [This last one is the guilty by association fallacy. I believe that Peter Smith was doing a bit of fear mongering: "The fundies are trying to destroy science. the fundies suport ID. Therefore ID is against science!"] * "A federal judge last year ruled that a Pennsylvania school district could not depict Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolution because it advocates a "particular version of Christianity." [So in essence, ID was ruled out bkz it suported Christian Fundamentalism. This might come as a great shock to all those non-Christian scientists who endorse ID solely for what is it, a scientific theory.] Mats
The music was great! William Dembski

I hope you liked the music. That was my touch. Crandaddy is probably wondering who added it. :-)

Well, I kinda figured it was you. Nice touch. :)--Crandaddy

Thanks for the good wishes. And thanks to all of you for your contributions to this blog. William Dembski
I sincerely wish you well in the next chapter of your life, Sir William! I am a sincere admirer of your ideas regarding intelligent design and information conservation. Being the Demskidozer must be one hell of a way to make a living! Don't try too hard - many people will not see things your way no matter how good your reasoning is. Even if you manage to get only a few hundred people to see the real power of ID, your life's work will not have been in vain. Intelligent design should be a source of peace and wonder for you, not an relentless source of aggravation. Parties like Pianka are unnecessary distractions. Why seek confrontations with them when the real target should be the Designer. I hope that I am not coming across as preachy. I say these things because I have sincere esteem for you, and hence concern as well. May the Force be with you, always! Best regards, apollo230 apollo230
Best wishes to Dr. Dembski in his new position. secondclass

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