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[Off Topic] My Ode to Hunter Biden


Sung to the tune of Fortunate Son (with apologies to CCR)

Some people are born to get a job

For which they have no qualification

Making fifty thousand dollars a month

To lie on the beach in the sun

It ain’t me

It ain’t me

I ain’t no fortunate one

It ain’t me

It ain’t me

I ain’t no VP’s son

Since this thread is already off topic, how about how Bill Clinton made a deal with North Korea to lift sanctions, which lead to them becoming a nuclear power. The summer of 1993 was called the summer of terror and Bill Clinton's response to al Qaeda was to have the FBI investigate. He failed to see terrorists as a military threat and the attacks increased throughout his presidency. His lack of action lead to the planes being flown into buildings. Obama called IS the JV team and refused to deal with them militarily until after they had become a far more powerful force than they otherwise would have been. The Democrats haven't had anyone that actually respects the military and veterans since Kennedy. BobRyan
@Seversky:The fact that he doesn't have much of that left is what he's been desperately trying to hide. How many actual billionaires need to steal money from veterans? DerekDiMarco
Donald Trump was reportedly a millionaire by age 8. Reports have estimated he has received $413,000,000 from his father's business empire. Talk about white privilege. Seversky
Roger Stone was found guilty of lying to Congress cuz only members of Congress can do that. ET
Speaking off-topically, Roger Stone's convictions today aren't even the worst thing to happen to the Trump Crime Syndicate in the last week. That was when Trump was ordered by a judge to pay back $2 million he stole from a Veterans fundraiser. DerekDiMarco
Maybe this IS a relevent topic, because Biden benefits from being an uncommon descendent. Pater Kimbridge
Just $50,000 a month? Other sources are saying he was making up to $83,000/ month. Where do I get a job like that? What qualifications do I have? None. But hey, neither did Hunter Biden. Back in 2009 after 30+ years of gainful employment I lost my job as senior designer for a company which manufactures construction equipment due to “corporate downsizing.” That first wiped me out financially (I don’t even own a car anymore) then forced me into early retirement, then I was diagnosed with cancer… I have survived-- at least so far. One year making Hunter’s salary would have solved all my financial problems. I guess I am being punished for white privilege. My own white privilege? Hardly. I have never had any privilege of any kind and my so-called whiteness never got me anything. I guess I am being punished for Hunter’s white privilege. Somehow that doesn’t seem to be very fair to me but that is what the “woke people” he and his father align themselves with believe. As Joe Biden’s son Hunter is just too important to pay any kind of penalty for his white privilege. john_a_designer

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