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Moshe Averick’s Nonsense! updated

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He’s back! At Amazon:

Is Atheism more rational than Monotheism? Atheists claim so, but this fascinating, original and meticulously researched masterpiece proves otherwise. Exploring the Modern Atheistic movement in its failed attempts to confront the baffling scientific mysteries of the Origin of Life and Human Consciousness, Man’s Search for Meaning, and the relentless human drive to seek coherent abstract Moral Principles; Rabbi Averick demonstrates conclusively that nearly everything that modern atheist thinkers have to say about God is simply nonsense. A powerful and compelling presentation that reclaims the intellectual high ground for the rational believer in God in the 21st Century. Using razor-sharp logic, a rapier wit, and irony-laced humor, Rabbi Averick exposes the gaping flaws in atheistic ideology in general, and in the modern “militant atheism” of writers like Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris, in particular. Talk show host and best-selling author Dr. Diane Medved (The American Family) put it this way: “If you’ve ever felt bullied by schoolyard atheists like Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, I have good news…your big brother, in the person of Rabbi Moshe Averick, has just stepped onto the playground!” “A compelling read…In his section on the Origin of Life, Rabbi Averick has dramatically spiked the ball back into the court of the non-believer.” -Dr. Edward Peltzer, Senior Research Specialist, Ocean Chemistry (California) More.

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