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Obama is not chief medical scientist?

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From Alex Berezow and Tom Hartsfield at LA Times:

The Journal of the American Medical Assn. recently published a very unusual article: a scientific study authored by a sitting president of the United States. That’s never happened before.

In a sense, it’s cool that President Obama cares enough about science to want to publish a paper in one of the world’s leading medical journals. But JAMA has set a bad precedent. The article, on healthcare reform in the United States, is problematic not only in its content but in the threat it poses to the integrity of scientific publishing.

Let’s set aside the debate on whether the specific numbers in the article are factual. (Of course, there is certainly room to question Obama’s data.More.

Sure. Paging Dr. Obama. Report to ER.

Fat lot. LA Times = litterbox liner anyway. Same circus. Different elephant.

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medical reform is not a science issue. Its an administration issue. obama is not a scientist. in fact i'm sure as far as he had power he would interfere with the medical world and science by left wing agendas of affirmative action. iN short selecting people for leadership in medicine etc based on ethnicity and sex. I accuse him. He was de whiting and de male ing. Sure he was. He was never a real president. He was a identity selection choice. He ran on it too. forget about him. history will. Robert Byers
"Same circus. Different elephant." I like it. mahuna

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