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Eminence vs. evidence-based: What matters in science?


From U Penn psych prof James Coyne:

Never confuse eminence-based with evidence-based, even if something’s coming with awards from big-name universities. – Robin N. Kok

Good advice. Also

I don’t know about you, but I get damned angry at the APS sacrificing its integrity and damaging itself as a trusted source by promoting this crap. This is not the first time that APS has let ithe public down with promotion of bad science that exploits people in need of credible psychological advice

You just can’t interpret claims as being credible because they are endorsed by the APS. More.

One wonders what science eminences would end up as patios if this advice were taken to heart.

See also: First Things has noticed science is broken

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This is hilarious. THE GENIUS awards. The author rightly suspects/proves this woman is being celebrated out of proportion and ideas are being presented out of proportion to evidence. probably its a issue of feminism. They want to move women up and she was the first harvard thing and so she has been chosen to lead the way for women in academia. its so corrupt and common one can accuse the motives here. then they inherit goofball ideas . Take that liberal ethnic/sex/sexual orientation (means unnatural broken sexual attraction) establishment. they reap what they sow. interference with the right people using the wrong people leading to inferior product quality. Robert Byers

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