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Evidence of loss of faith in science due to political partisanship

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To no one’s surprise around here:

We asked one group of respondents to read a news article about a scientific journal or magazine. We asked a second group of people to read an article that contained the same description of the publication but with additional details about the political position it took and quotes from its actual statements regarding Biden and Trump. Then we asked respondents about their trust in scientists, scientific journals and science as an institution.

We found that trust in science declined among respondents who learned about a publication’s partisan statement. The magnitude of the observed effects is small but statistically significant, holds across a range of controls and is persistent across different ways of measuring trust in science. The finding was most pronounced for conservatives, likely because the endorsements were all supportive of Biden and against Trump…

There’s a lot of new research in the area of trust in science, including large polls of the public. Some findings suggest that there is still confidence in scientific expertise – but this declines as soon as science mixes with policy recommendations in people’s minds.

Kevin L. Young, Bernhard Leidner, and Stylianos Syropoulos, “When scientific journals take sides during an election, the public’s trust in science takes a hit” at The Conversation

Time will tell but the effect may prove cumulative. People lose trust for different reasons and the numbers add up, not down. People who lost faith in the journals because they went political will be joined by people who lose faith after living through one COVID lockdown/crackdown panic after another in the face of clearly declining death stats. When the next “Trust the Science!” panic sweeps the internet, a third group will join them, asking, “So what’s in this latest crazy for the Voice of Science?”

Trust is easier to lose than earn, and much harder to regain.

See also: Nature: Scientists “Aghast” That Biden Didn’t Win A Landslide In The US

Turns out hospitals will regularly test you multiple times for Covid until you test positive such is the case with one set of customers I encountered her husband was tested nine times and then finally stopped testing when he finally tested positive on the ninth time It’s for insurance purposes because the insurance companies won’t cover the the treatment unless they do have covid It’s a very regular practice and probably one of the main reasons why Covid cases are a lot higher than they should be AaronS1978
Polistra, Speaking of MD's... my last checkup I reported to my doc that I had some fairly severe headaches for awhile that had then disappeared, and she said it was probably covid. I was not very happy with that. Andrew asauber
The more serious trust problem will be with MDs, not science in general. MDs have gone along with the total reversal of all medical rules. A tiny handful of them have been trying to maintain real medicine, but we don't know any of them. For several years before this holocaust, MDs have been serving Deepstate with perfectly illegal and unconstitutional questionnaires written by CDC, which require you to self-incriminate on many different subjects. Distrust was already growing. polistra
Meanwhile... https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/11/16/bezos-gives-791-million-to-climate-activists-another-9-billion-planned/ "just the beginning of my $10 billion commitment to fund scientists, activists, NGOs, and others.” ...Bezos giving lots of Big Climate Money to scientists which will have zero effect in influencing them. Andrew asauber
Crazy would be those who do not question what they are being told by handpicked "experts" to ensure they all agree with each other, while shutting out any voice of decent among the scientific and medical communities. The CDC continues to include things not related to deaths from COVID-19 as deaths of COVID-19. Suicides, murders, overdoses, poisoning, heart attacks, and every other death that has nothing to do with the lungs are being included in the numbers. Crazy would be ignoring Sweden's numbers, as well as the cruise ships and naval ships where outbreaks occurred early without a single ship reaching double digit deaths. The projections by a Brit who had a long history of getting things wrong were wrong again. He resigned in disgrace, yet his projections are still used. BobRyan
Uhm duh......... Real bright group of guys them conversation peoples are........ AaronS1978
Thanks for proving the point. polistra
"...As trust in science decreased, so did the reported likelihood of complying with scientific recommendations about health behaviors related to COVID-19 – for example, wearing face masks." The people losing trust sound like the crazy ones, not "the latest crazy in the voice of science". Why leave that part out? David P

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