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Jerry Coyne vents about David Klinghoffer

Jerry Coyne
Jerry Coyne

Klinghoffer, editor of Evolution News and Science Today, said something recently that really set Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne off:

Intelligent Design (ID) advocate David Klinghoffer, an Orthodox Jew, spends a lot of time attacking me on the Discovery Institute Website Evolution News. It’s almost an obsessive animus, for he regularly trawls this site looking for ammunition. But I pay little attention to the man…

First of all, his criticisms of me have nothing to do with science, but are recycled tropes about how horrible atheism is. That’s because Klinghoffer and his ID cronies have no scientific ammunition against evolution, and so are reduced to ad hominems about evolutionists or criticisms of unbelief or moans about the destructive effects of accepting evolution. He also beefs endlessly about my “tone”. Sorry, but Liars for Moses—or Jesus—don’t deserve respect. Klinghoffer is irrelevant in any serious scientific discourse.Jerry Coyne, “An ID advocate, lacking scientific arguments, claims that atheism saps life of meaning” at Why Evolution Is True

Coyne is referring to this post: “Good Question for the Next Darwinist You Meet.”

One wonders how Coyne knows all this about Klinghoffer if he pays “very little attention to the man” (he seems to know more than we do). But never mind.

He tells readers, “The “Darwinian Perspective,” or at least the atheistic one, hadn’t at all proved terribly corrosive. Indeed, people found it liberating.”

Hmmm. When someone tells us that people find their perspective liberating, we tend to wonder, which people find it so? Sometimes circular but always informative.

Coyne is the sort of person that, if he didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him. See, for example,

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Oh my God Jerry Coyne has convinced me The flawlessness in scientific validity of all theories of evolution including the ones that are part of the reproducibility crisis. By belittling David he has shown his intellectual might unlike anyone has ever shown before! he’s a true super atheist and his disbelief is unparalleled! David should go crawl off into the corner and cry yourself to sleep every single night. Did you hear he hardly pays attention to you you’re not even on his radar that’s how unimportant you are! Coyne you have done me such a great service by showing me how unbelievably immature and stupid you really are. Posts like that give David all the ammunition he needs to show how exactly stereotypical you are to every other egotistical jack off atheist who believes they are so unbelievably smart and protected by science that they could say any asinine trope they wish and get away with it That is so stereo typical of everybody on that website to. Name calling belittling stupidity I suppose my slightly sarcastic post is no more mature but I can’t help myself I have no free will My neurons made me do this And I’ll give him that David constantly berates him for the same exact thing, and honestly I do not know who shot first. But it is laughably comical to see somebody who claims to be so intellectually superior to everybody else or at least insinuates that, To be doing exactly the same thing David does. The difference is David is just far more polite about it and quite a bit more respectful, but Jerry Coyne ,that believes in meaninglessness, declared that liars of Moses don’t deserve any kind of respect, Coming from a humanist That deems very awful criminals to have done things that they could not have controlled but yet criticizes David from what he does. I guess I’ll never understand the intellectual elite they’re just too far above me to evolved. David can’t help himself but I guess neither can Coyne. You know it’s funny is I think they’re both Jewish the differences David is good. To those atheist that post on the site and we have discussed things before I most certainly do not include you in my rant towards The likes of Coyne. Much like there are Hatemonger Christians that should not be the face of Christianity people like Coyne shouldn’t represent atheistsAaronS1978
May 4, 2019
08:17 PM

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