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New Intelligent Design YouTube Channel


I’ve been writing intermittently about ID for quite a few years now. In the past I have posted some of my articles on this page. Although I haven’t written anything for a good while, I still follow this area very closely. Recently I set up a YouTube channel that I intend to use alongside my blog. Both the blog and the channel are called Design Disquisitions. These days especially, I think some material lends itself more readily to video format, and I wish to engage with other people interested in ID and evolution in a conversational manner. I’ll be posting videos that will feature conversations with other people, and I’ll also be putting together some presentations and short talks on various topics related to this area. I’ll continue to write stuff for the blog as well. There may be a little overlap here and there, as I’ll probably do a few video presentations based on some of my writing, but there will also be things unique to the blog and channel.

A few days ago I put up an introduction video, where I talk a little about the channel and my own background. You can find a link to the video below. Feel free to subscribe to keep up to date with my videos. I appreciate any feedback and ideas as well!



Channel Introduction & My Journey to Intelligent Design

Thanks all. Yes, the audio certainly needs sorting out. Going to invest in a mic or a headset. I’ll also be making the videos a little more visually interesting, with a little editing. Thanks for the comments! Joshua G
Hi Joshua, I watched your video and will be following as I am able and I agree with Polistra that the volume was really low. Anyway, that Evolutionist commenter's name should be David Bluster. Best Wishes, Andrew asauber
Technical quibble: The audio is weak. See if you can get closer to the microphone, and maybe add a little midfrequency boost if that's available. polistra
Josh You have a nice website :) Looking forward to watching your channel. EugeneS EugeneS

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