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Special Sale for Naturalism and Its Alternatives

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The book Naturalism and Its Alternatives in Scientific Methodologies describes how science can be done apart from the assumptions of Naturalism, which are usually assumed by materialists to be part and parcel of science. The book is based on a conference attended by many people in the Intelligent Design community, including several who are regulars on this site.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you all know that I’m running a sale on the Kindle edition this week. Today only you can get the book for $1.99, and the price will go up through the week (it’s normally $7.95).

Click here for the book’s Amazon page.

Available now for $0.99! A good bargain .. Ian Thompson
Grrr... I see my error. I set it for the wrong week, and saw the Matchbook price and thought that it was the countdown price. Amazon says that the start time is June 18th. Sorry about that, folks. johnnyb
Thanks, johnnyb. Still showing up at $7.95 on other devices. I see that the "matchbook" price is $1.99, but not the regular Kindle edition. Thanks anyway for your help, Eric Anderson
It's still on - I've had some reports of people who aren't seeing it. I can see it on my computer, but it doesn't show up on my phone. I'm not sure what the issue is. You might try it from a different computer, though. johnnyb
Rats, looks like the sale is already over? Eric Anderson

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