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We’re always hearing about crises, in science and other areas. Can the Intellectual Dark Web help?


Douglas Murray, for example, challenges sessile campus organisms:

“Oh, wow,” Murray sighs heavily. “We don’t have any basis for our morality. How about that? It’s a biggie. Our whole metaphysical system is in serious flux, and we’re pretending it isn’t.”

“Because we no longer have God?” asks one of the slightly stunned young hosts.

Deadly serious, Murray replies: “Going from belief in God to non-belief in God as a society is one of the biggest changes that can happen. I’m a non-believer myself, but I think it’s very unwise of non-believers to pretend that it’s all just business as usual. Very unwise.”

Esther O’Reilly, “We’re in a crisis of meaning. Do the stars of the IDW have a solution?” at Premier Christianity
In the short clip Weinstein says "We must take evolution out of the driver's seat and replace it with our own ethical framework." This is exactly what the wokers want. Freedom from Natural Law. The stupid students didn't even realize that they were firing their best friend and ally. polistra
The one belief the IDW poobahs all have in common is that they accept Darwinism as a scientific fact. To my knowledge, not one has managed even to entertain the simple question that Philip E. Johnson posed in Darwin on Trial 30 years ago, "What if it isn't true?" Whether from fear of losing their academic gravitas, bias, or simple ignorance, I won't judge, even though "this thing was not done in a corner." jstanley01

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