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The ultimate fate of a black hole: Can a hologram within a hologram provide a hint?


Some physicists think that information might escape a black hole via an escape route that involves a higher dimension:

When forced to choose, many physicists back the quantum rule and suspect that information somehow escapes in the black hole’s radiation, which in that case isn’t random after all. Figuring out how the information gets out should point the way past Einstein’s theory to a more complete quantum theory of gravity. Yet after 45 years of grappling with this “black hole information paradox,” no one has pinpointed the alleged misstep in Hawking’s calculation.

Now, though, several noted black hole physicists think they may be closing in on a solution. Not even the researchers themselves fully grasp the physical implications of the math they explore in a recent paper. But in the abstract mathematical threads, they and others see the outlines of a bridge to the black hole’s interior, an escape route for trapped data. They located this hidden path using an imperfectly understood technique for spying on a black hole from a higher dimension.Charlie Wood, “Hologram Within a Hologram Hints at Fate of Black Holes” at Quanta

SPIRAL would predict , rather than react to, the appearance of 'black-holes' at galactic centers and that they lost their hyper-density early on. reference the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model's 'Black Hole illusion Resolution' Pearlman

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