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William Lane Craig’s UK tour (October 17-26) next-to-final itinerary

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Voice from the crowd:

“Why isn’t there more of this kind of thing being preached from church pulpits? If there were, I’d go more often and I’d stay awake during the sermon!”

– Comment from a self-confessed irregular churchgoer during the 2007 Reasonable Faith Tour.

Another voice from the crowd:

Well, maybe there would be more of “this kind of thing”, if you showed up and demanded it. If you really must leave everything to Billy Feelgood and his Group Hug Committee, you get the intellectual life you deserve.

Wintery Knight comments,

I note that Craig will be facing Arif Ahmed and Peter Atkins again for re-matches. I hope they do better than they did the first time around…

Snarky, snarky … We’ll see. 😉

Richard Dawkins is still in therapy for elevator phobia .


Hat tip: Wintery Knight

Sorry wrong thread. technical glitch?!? steveO
One sometimes hears the expression: "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist". The discussion above covers some of the major unfounded assumptions - beliefs - of materialistic darwinism. My guess is there are hundreds of others. But has anyone condensed the list down to, say, a set of top 20 major unproven assumptions embodied in the accidental-mud-to-mozart believers? A list, link or reference would be much appreciated! steveO

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