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First dark matter, now “dark life”?


From ScienceNordic:

There may be a whole invisible galaxy in the middle of the Milky Way, with dark suns and planets, and maybe even dark life.

Perhaps galaxies are full of a substance that is invisible, but that still has gravity? This, in fact, is what the majority of today’s physicists believe. They believe 80 per cent of the fabric of the universe is made of dark matter.

If galaxies are located inside spherical clouds of invisible dark matter, this explains why they can spin as fast as they do without sending all their stars flying off into the universe.

And in recent years, observations have confirmed the existence of dark matter. For example, we can see traces of dark matter because its gravity disturbs the light from visible stars.

Today many scientists believe that the Sun and the Earth and the entire Milky Way are enveloped in cloud of dark matter particles. It’s here—all around us.More.

Some of us would settle for just a single particle of dark matter. You’ll like the Van Gogh Starry Night illustration though.

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