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In the science news: “Dark energy is real.”

Dark matter, black holes, exploding stars/NASA

In “Dark energy does speed up universe’s expansion” (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 19, 2011), we learn:

Dark energy is real and it is causing spacetime and the universe to expand at an increasing speed, a new study says.The paper to be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, provides the first independent confirmation of both the existence of dark energy and its rate of expansion. It has been put together by a team of 26 scientists including Chris Blake from Melbourne’s Swinburne University.

It turns out that this is only “further confirmation” of a “mystery”:

“Although the exact physics required to explain dark energy still remains a mystery, confirming it exists is a significant step in understanding the origin, evolution and fate of the universe.”

And, hold on:

Alternate theory

According to NASA, the new findings contradict an alternate theory that gravity, not dark energy, is the force pushing space apart. The alternate theory says Albert Einstein’s concept of gravity is wrong, and gravity becomes repulsive instead of attractive when acting at great distances.

“exact physics required”: Some think that the idea behind physics is exactness. That is, when you have the exactness, you have the physics, otherwise, just a theory. Thoughts?

Dark matter is the one that causes the gravitational pull that is observed to be experienced by galaxies. In 1998, it was discovered that the universe is found to expand at an ever increasing rate (acceleration). A force and consequently an energy can cause acceleration. The unknown energy that causes the accelerated expansion is called as dark energy. For my answers on these problems, please read the article, http://vixra.org/abs/1108.0041. akbmuruhan
Please read the article, http://vixra.org/abs/1108.0041. akbmuruhan
I know there is more to ID than finding problems with evolution, so why is there post after post on this site that simply do that (try to find weaknesses in other theories)? zeroseven
What's the difference between dark energy and dark matter? Mung
[Brian Green Brian Shmidt] junkdnaforlife
To gauge the ideological implications of something, a good way to do so is to see which way the ideological wind blows amongst those who study the phenomenon, in this case dark energy, and then in which the said "something" is begrudgingly or enthusiastically accepted or resisted. "THE" cosmological constant, and the questions of if it existence goes back to Newton. Newton called this [stable force] God. Later, the notion of a cosmological constant also plagued Einstein as well. He however, called it Lambda, and he actually stuck it in his equations. Math geeks who didn't know what Lambda was exactly, other than it was some type of so-called stabilizing force, would simply set Lambda to 0 in the equations and move on with their lives. So during the semi-recent studies of supernova, as the data rolled in, the possibility of GodLambdacosmologicalconstant becoming a reality seemed more and more inevitable. So how did the scientists feel about it? "Astronomers who talk about the cosmological constant are astronomers without many friends." [Brian Green quoted in the 4% universe pg.155] score one for Newton junkdnaforlife
At one time quantum mechanics was considered rubbish and a complete fairy tale by some. It's still pretty weird in my eyes. I don't think there's anything wrong with speculating, throwing ideas around, seeing which ones survive the tests of scrutiny. That's the way it's always been. ellazimm
From an intelligent design perspective, what are the advantages/disadvantages of an expanding universe? Mung

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