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“Nightmare” in particle physics?

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From Columbia mathematician Peter Woit at Nott Even Wrong:

The Nightmare Scenario

Now back from a short vacation, and there seems to have been a lot happening on the debate over fundamental physics front. From the experimentalists, news that the Standard Model continues to resist falsification: More.

See also: Physics to crack wide open? Of course, in this post-modern world, there’s an alternative to admitting we are completely lost—make up the missing data.

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This is from Woit's latest post at "Not Even Wrong: "Wolchover’s piece captures some of the current angst well, for instance quoting Maria Spiropolu about SUSY as follows: “We had figured it all out,” said Maria Spiropulu, a particle physicist at the California Institute of Technology and a member of CMS. “If you ask people of my generation, we were almost taught that supersymmetry is there even if we haven’t discovered it. We believed it. This "belief," unfortunately, typifies modern science. It's called a "consensus." Pseudo science always leads you to the "unseen." Kind of like "speciation." PaV
Nott Even Wrong? BTW, interesting post, though it is above my pay grade. Thank you. Dionisio

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