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Photosynthesis: “Until a few years ago, it seemed a straightforward piece of chemistry”


In “More Evidence Found for Quantum Physics in Photosynthesis” (Wired Science, December 6, 2011), Brandon Keim reports

In an experiment published Dec. 6 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a connection between coherence — far-flung molecules interacting as one, separated by space but not time — and energy flow is established.

“There was a smoking gun before,” said study co-author Greg Engel of the University of Chicago. “Here we can watch the relationship between coherence and energy transfer. This is the first paper showing that coherence affects the probability of transport. It really does change the chemical dynamics.”

The new findings are the latest in a series that have, piece by piece, promised to expand scientific understanding of photosynthesis, one of life’s fundamental processes. Until a few years ago, it seemed a straightforward piece of chemistry.

So? So what? Isn’t Darwin right regardless of the evidence?

So, it's not so straightforward then? I often hear the word "simple" from evo-clones. Everything for them is doable, no matter how unlikely; You want eyes? OK, well first "you get" light sensitive cells + lots of time, blah blah blah, SIMPLE! and so it goes. Algorithms and Evolution http://evillusion.wordpress.com/37-algorithms-and-evolution/ melvinvines

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