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Because we know the facts now, Rod, that’s why

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Someone reminded me of this: “Darwin Pushed to Margins: Why is resistance to evolution so strong among science teachers?” Rod Dreher wonders (Big Questions On Line, Templeton Foundation, February 22, 2011)

Then he lobs this:

More broadly, many people of faith are drawn to the study of evolution to explore God’s work, and find a spiritual connection in their study of nature. This perspective was common in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but is not often enough articulated in current debates about evolution.

Sorry, Rod, but that’s just too rotten a chestnut.

Fact is, 78% of evolutionary biologists are pure naturalists (no God and no free will). Only two of 149 eminent ones were clearly theists. Let’s start with that.

Not only that, but the cascade of nonsense, often harmful nonsense, unleashed on society by popular Darwinism – the inevitable and logical outcome of Darwinism in science – is well known to science teachers.

As is the fact that the Darwin racket’s science icons have been tumbling speedily, the latest being the myth of junk DNA. The best evolutionary biologists can do is claim that no Darwinist ever believed it, which Jonathan Wells nails.

The only recent development of any promise was an “after Darwin” conference in Altenberg, Austria, where the dissenting evolutionists wouldn’t let journalist Suzan Mazur, who broke the story, attend, so shy were they of publicity. But her interviews tell the story.

Basically, Rod, why are you fronting the Darwin racket in the Age of the Internet?


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