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Sorry for the preceding video sermon. I thought it was a Easter message from a pastor I like. Here is a 'real' Easter sermon from another pastor I like: Francis Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M71btntubi4 bornagain77
One Resurrected Life - Pastor Vern Streeter - video sermon http://www.harvestchurch.tv/sermons/one-resurrected-life/#play bornagain77
Kairos lets not forget the criterion if embarrassment . If the apostles were telling a fib why would they say that it was the women that saw the empty tomb first and it was a woman that saw the risen Christ first. This is a testament to the honesty and integrity of the apostles that they were telling the truth. A woman's testimony in first century Jerusalem was worth less then dirt. If the apostles wanted to make up a story like this they certainly wouldn't have said the women saw him and saw the empty tomb first. The apostles went against the grain of society to make sure that the truth had to be told, even if it embarrassed them in the process. I don't think they cared about being embarrassed compared to the good news they had to tell the world about . :) wallstreeter43
Kairos and Ba77 Don't forget physicist john Jackson's cloth collapse theory which ventures into a new physics to try to explain how the image came about . Jackson's theory postulates that the body of the man on the shroud phased into another dimensional,state as he passed right through the shroud. This fits perfectly with many of the evidences on the shroud such as the perfectly pristine blood clots. When. You wrap a bloodied body with a burial cloth the blood causes the body to form a bond between it and the cloth . If the body just got up and left or the body was stolen off the shroud the blood clots would have been torn or smeared (depending on if the blood clots completely dried or not), yet we see no tears or smear marks on the shroud , which tells us that the body got off the shroud in an unnatural way. One if the predictions of Jackson's cloth collapse theory is that there should be a feint second shroud image on the backside of the shroud , but the only problem here is that nuns 400 years earlier after the 16th century fire made a backstitching for the shroud and the Vatican wasnt allowing the Sturp team to take the backstitching off so this prediction of Jackson's theory had to remain unknown. That is until 2002 when the Vatican decided to do a restoration of the shroud which required them to take the backstitching off the shroud , and sure enough just as Jackson's theory predicted they found a second more feint shroud image on the backside. This was a huge find and helped to vindicate Jackson's theory in which Jackson said that in order to understand that image we need to venture into a new physics . Here is a link to Jackson cloth collapse theory http://theshroudofturin.blogspot.com/2012/01/john-p-jackson-unconventional.html Happy Easter guys The Lord Has true truly risen Alleluia !! Alleluia !! :) wallstreeter43
F/N: Cross-thread HT SM, worth reading the testimony of John C Wright per Vox Day. I think it belongs here even better than the original thread. Note especially this on a priori anti-supernaturalism: ___________ >> over a period of two years my hatred toward Christianity eroded due to my philosophical inquiries. Rest assured, I take the logical process of philosophy very seriously, and I am impatient with anyone who is not a rigorous and trained thinker. Reason is the tool men use to determine if their statements about reality are valid: there is no other. Those who do not or cannot reason are little better than slaves, because their lives are controlled by the ideas of other men, ideas they have not examined. To my surprise and alarm, I found that, step by step, logic drove me to conclusions no modern philosophy shared, but only this ancient and (as I saw it then) corrupt and superstitious foolery called the Church. Each time I followed the argument fearlessly where it lead, it kept leading me, one remorseless rational step at a time, to a position the Church had been maintaining for more than a thousand years. That haunted me. Second, I began to notice how shallow, either simply optimistic or simply pessimistic, other philosophies and views of life were. The public conduct of my fellow atheists was so lacking in sobriety and gravity that I began to wonder why, if we atheists had a hammerlock on truth, so much of what we said was pointless or naive. I remember listening to a fellow atheist telling me how wonderful the world would be once religion was swept into the dustbin of history, and I realized the chap knew nothing about history. If atheism solved all human woe, then the Soviet Union would have been an empire of joy and dancing bunnies, instead of the land of corpses. I would listen to my fellow atheists, and they would sound as innocent of any notion of what real human life was like as the Man from Mars who has never met human beings or even heard clear rumors of them. Then I would read something written by Christian men of letters, Tolkien, Lewis, or G.K. Chesterton, and see a solid understanding of the joys and woes of human life. They were mature men. I would look at the rigorous logic of St. Thomas Aquinas, the complexity and thoroughness of his reasoning, and compare that to the scattered and mentally incoherent sentimentality of some poseur like Nietzsche or Sartre. I can tell the difference between a rigorous argument and shrill psychological flatulence. I can see the difference between a dwarf and a giant. My wife is a Christian and is extraordinary patient, logical, and philosophical. For years I would challenge and condemn her beliefs, battering the structure of her conclusions with every argument, analogy, and evidence I could bring to bear. I am a very argumentative man, and I am as fell and subtle as a serpent in debate. All my arts failed against her. At last I was forced to conclude that, like non-Euclidian geometry, her world-view logically followed from its axioms (although the axioms were radically mystical, and I rejected them with contempt). Her persistence compared favorably to the behavior of my fellow atheists, most of whom cannot utter any argument more mentally alert than a silly ad Hominem attack. Once again, I saw that I was confronting a mature and serious world-view, not merely a tissue of fables and superstitions. Third, a friend of mine asked me what evidence, if any, would be sufficient to convince me that the supernatural existed. This question stumped me. My philosophy at the time excluded the contemplation of the supernatural axiomatically: by definition (my definition) even the word "super-natural" was a contradiction in terms. Logic then said that, if my conclusions were definitional, they were circular. I was assuming the conclusion of the subject matter in dispute. Now, my philosophy at the time was as rigorous and exact as 35 years of study could make it (I started philosophy when I was seven). This meant there was no point for reasonable doubt in the foundational structure of my axioms, definitions, and common notions. This meant that, logically, even if God existed, and manifested Himself to me, my philosophy would force me to reject the evidence of my senses, and dismiss any manifestations as a coincidence, hallucination, or dream. Under this hypothetical, my philosophy would force me to an exactly wrong conclusion due to structural errors of assumption. A philosopher (and I mean a serious and manly philosopher, not a sophomoric boy) does not use philosophy to flinch away from truth or hide from it. A philosophy composed of structural false-to-facts assumptions is insupportable. A philosopher goes where the truth leads, and has no patience with mere emotion . . . >> ___________ Food for thought -- and no, I am not giving any broad-brush endorsements, just sand in the old shell to be made a pearl of. KF kairosfocus
P: The problem with hallucinations notions is, they have to come out of what is in the mind. As the Gospel accounts make plain, what happened cut clean across what was expected -- remember the bit about old wives' tales (reflecting typical prejudices) -- or wanted . . . in the Garden, Peter was trying to launch the revolution a la Judas Maccabeus and co, and Jesus' rebuke comes straight out of the storyline of that national epic; every brother but one perished in the war. Here, though, many parsons are to blame: when Jesus rode in on the Donkey and was greeted Hosannah, that set off a revolutionary ferment, which was multiplied by the cleansing of the Temple, leading to attempts to discredit, then the final one that stuck, a trumped up accusation of blasphemy extorted under oath in an illegal abusive trial by night (to remain silent in the face of the oath used was blasphemy . . . Jesus had been silent in the face of abuse hitherto). Then of course, Pilate's game was to avoid trouble with the Emperor, never mind the desperate warning from his wife. Dirty power games by corrupt and unjust elites are only too familiar and have nothing to do with race. As for the whipped up crowd the next day, there probably was a rent-a-crowd element. Everything up to the crucifixion was all too familiar business injustice as usual at the hands of power-corrupted elites as usual. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, however delivered a stinging symbolic rebuke by requesting to bury the victim. All of that was Friday, but the Sunday punch was a-coming. Complete with the next symbolic rebuke: it is women seeking to complete burial rites who were the first witnesses. Second, mass hallucinations in common are psychologically seriously problematic, especially when they involve eating with and handling (including by the famous Thomas the doubter). It's kind of hard to hallucinate on someone who just cooked you a roast fish breakfast. KF kairosfocus
Exodus of Israel from Egypt - REVEALED - Hard Evidence in Red Sea - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnMwW-GAKvA bornagain77
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef83-5Aj6co&feature=youtube_gdata_player I suppose an Unbeliever could ignore the evidence or try to explain evidence as "mass hallucination" or multiverse phase transition or tomb raiders. But it is better and more accurate to accept the Supernatural along with the Natural sometimes. More complete picture of Love. Doubting is natural though. ppolish
BA77: Stimulating, and provocative. Mathematics is irreducibly complex, and so also Physics which rests on it. Necessarily. Per the Shroud, it is indeed a very strange object. KF PS: I suspect the point particle allusion is to infinite mass and charge density. A problem of points as particles, leading to handwaving when a smart kid spots it in HS Physics class. In the classical realm this was resolved "enough" when Newton reduced a spherical mass to an equivalent point particle at its centre, so we could say, this is a model, like unto how objects act as centred at centre of mass. But, just start with what is a quantum object that acts as particle and as wave . . . and then ask, what is the size of a wave? Then, run over to the good old electron beam Young's double slit interference exercise [don't forget your headache pills on the way] . . . kairosfocus
As a footnote; Godel, who proved you cannot have a mathematical ‘Theory of Everything’, without allowing God to bring completeness to the 'Theory of Everything', also had this to say:
The God of the Mathematicians – Goldman Excerpt: As Gödel told Hao Wang, “Einstein’s religion [was] more abstract, like Spinoza and Indian philosophy. Spinoza’s god is less than a person; mine is more than a person; because God can play the role of a person.” Kurt Gödel – (Gödel is considered one of the greatest logicians who ever existed) http://www.firstthings.com/article/2010/07/the-god-of-the-mathematicians
At the 9:40 minute mark of the following video, C.S. Lewis comments on God 'playing the role of a person':
Finding Shakespeare by C.S. Lewis Doodle - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXlBCZ_5OYw
Verse and Music
Colossians 1:15-20 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross. He's Alive - Don and Wendy Francisco, Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIndrry40Ks
Also of note is the 'infinity problem' between quantum mechanics and General relativity:
General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics - The Collapse Of Physics? - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHHz4mB9GKY THE MYSTERIOUS ZERO/INFINITY Excerpt: The biggest challenge to today's physicists is how to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics. However, these two pillars of modern science were bound to be incompatible. "The universe of general relativity is a smooth rubber sheet. It is continuous and flowing, never sharp, never pointy. Quantum mechanics, on the other hand, describes a jerky and discontinuous universe. What the two theories have in common - and what they clash over - is zero.",, "The infinite zero of a black hole -- mass crammed into zero space, curving space infinitely -- punches a hole in the smooth rubber sheet. The equations of general relativity cannot deal with the sharpness of zero. In a black hole, space and time are meaningless.",, "Quantum mechanics has a similar problem, a problem related to the zero-point energy. The laws of quantum mechanics treat particles such as the electron as points; that is, they take up no space at all. The electron is a zero-dimensional object,,, According to the rules of quantum mechanics, the zero-dimensional electron has infinite mass and infinite charge. http://www.fmbr.org/editoral/edit01_02/edit6_mar02.htm
Yet, remarkably, the resurrection of Christ provides a way out of the 'infinity problem' between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics:
“In mathematics there are two ways to go to infinity. One is to grow large without measure. The other is to form a fraction in which the denominator goes to zero. The Cross is a path of humility in which the infinite God becomes finite and then contracts to zero, only to resurrect and thereby unite a finite humanity within a newfound infinity.” William Dembski PhD. Mathematics – The End Of Christianity – Finding a Good God in an Evil World – Pg.31
It is also interesting to point out a subtle nuance on the Shroud of Turin that would be true if Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity were truly unified in Christ. Namely that Gravity was overcome in the resurrection event of Christ:
A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection? by Chuck Missler Excerpt: “You can read the science of the Shroud, such as total lack of gravity, lack of entropy (without gravitational collapse), no time, no space—it conforms to no known law of physics.” The phenomenon of the image brings us to a true event horizon, a moment when all of the laws of physics change drastically. Dame Piczek created a one-fourth size sculpture of the man in the Shroud. When viewed from the side, it appears as if the man is suspended in mid air (see graphic, below), indicating that the image defies previously accepted science. The phenomenon of the image brings us to a true event horizon, a moment when all of the laws of physics change drastically. http://www.khouse.org/articles/2008/847 THE EVENT HORIZON (Space-Time Singularity) OF THE SHROUD OF TURIN. – Isabel Piczek – Particle Physicist Excerpt: We have stated before that the images on the Shroud firmly indicate the total absence of Gravity. Yet they also firmly indicate the presence of the Event Horizon. These two seemingly contradict each other and they necessitate the past presence of something more powerful than Gravity that had the capacity to solve the above paradox. http://shroud3d.com/findings/isabel-piczek-image-formation Particle Radiation from the Body – July 2012 – M. Antonacci, A. C. Lind Excerpt: The Shroud’s frontal and dorsal body images are encoded with the same amount of intensity, independent of any pressure or weight from the body. The bottom part of the cloth (containing the dorsal image) would have born all the weight of the man’s supine body, yet the dorsal image is not encoded with a greater amount of intensity than the frontal image. Radiation coming from the body would not only explain this feature, but also the left/right and light/dark reversals found on the cloth’s frontal and dorsal body images. http://www.academicjournals.org/sre/PDF/pdf2012/30JulSpeIss/Antonacci.pdf The Center Of The Universe Is Life – General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Entropy and The Shroud Of Turin – video http://vimeo.com/34084462
Moreover, as would be expected if Gravity and Quantum Mechanics were truly unified in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the image on the Shroud of Turin was formed by a quantum process not by a classical process:
The absorbed energy in the Shroud body image formation appears as contributed by discrete values – Giovanni Fazio, Giuseppe Mandaglio – 2008 Excerpt: This result means that the optical density distribution,, can not be attributed at the absorbed energy described in the framework of the classical physics model. It is, in fact, necessary to hypothesize a absorption by discrete values of the energy where the ‘quantum’ is equal to the one necessary to yellow one fibril. http://cab.unime.it/journals/index.php/AAPP/article/view/C1A0802004/271 Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural – December 2011 Excerpt: After years of work trying to replicate the colouring on the shroud, a similar image has been created by the scientists. However, they only managed the effect by scorching equivalent linen material with high-intensity ultra violet lasers, undermining the arguments of other research, they say, which claims the Turin Shroud is a medieval hoax. Such technology, say researchers from the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea), was far beyond the capability of medieval forgers, whom most experts have credited with making the famous relic. “The results show that a short and intense burst of UV directional radiation can colour a linen cloth so as to reproduce many of the peculiar characteristics of the body image on the Shroud of Turin,” they said. And in case there was any doubt about the preternatural degree of energy needed to make such distinct marks, the Enea report spells it out: “This degree of power cannot be reproduced by any normal UV source built to date.” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-say-turin-shroud-is-supernatural-6279512.html
It seems readily apparent from the evidence that we have now examined that when one allows God into math, as Godel indicated must ultimately be done to keep math from being 'incomplete', then there actually exists a very credible, empirically backed, reconciliation between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity into a 'Theory of Everything'! bornagain77
It is interesting to note that the resurrection of Christ, which has much historical veracity to it, also provides a very credible resolution to the much sought after 'Theory of Everything'. First, for a little background, it is interesting to note that many people are under the mistaken assumption that a purely mathematical 'theory of everything', if it were ever to be formulated, would explain everything in the universe. That is a false assumption. Any mathematical equation specific enough to have the counting numbers within it cannot adequately explain its own existence much less the universe it purports to describe. This fact has been known since Godel formulated his incompleteness theorem:
Kurt Gödel – Incompleteness Theorem – video https://vimeo.com/92387853 Godel and Physics - John D. Barrow Excerpt (page 5-6): "Clearly then no scientific cosmology, which of necessity must be highly mathematical, can have its proof of consistency within itself as far as mathematics go. In absence of such consistency, all mathematical models, all theories of elementary particles, including the theory of quarks and gluons...fall inherently short of being that theory which shows in virtue of its a priori truth that the world can only be what it is and nothing else. This is true even if the theory happened to account for perfect accuracy for all phenomena of the physical world known at a particular time." Stanley Jaki - Cosmos and Creator - 1980, pg. 49 http://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/0612253.pdf Kurt Godel - Incompleteness Theorem and Human Intuition - video https://vimeo.com/92387854
Thus, even if mathematicians and physicists were able to construct a mathematical 'theory of everything' it still would be incomplete as to explaining the 'truth' since the equation could not explain why it itself was true:
Taking God Out of the Equation - Biblical Worldview - by Ron Tagliapietra - January 1, 2012 Excerpt: Kurt Gödel (1906–1978) proved that no logical systems (if they include the counting numbers) can have all three of the following properties. 1. Validity ... all conclusions are reached by valid reasoning. 2. Consistency ... no conclusions contradict any other conclusions. 3. Completeness ... all statements made in the system are either true or false. The details filled a book, but the basic concept was simple and elegant. He summed it up this way: “Anything you can draw a circle around cannot explain itself without referring to something outside the circle—something you have to assume but cannot prove.” For this reason, his proof is also called the Incompleteness Theorem. Kurt Gödel had dropped a bomb on the foundations of mathematics. Math could not play the role of God as infinite and autonomous. It was shocking, though, that logic could prove that mathematics could not be its own ultimate foundation. Christians should not have been surprised. The first two conditions are true about math: it is valid and consistent. But only God fulfills the third condition. Only He is complete and therefore self-dependent (autonomous). God alone is “all in all” (1 Corinthians 15:28), “the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13). God is the ultimate authority (Hebrews 6:13), and in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:3). http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v7/n1/equation#
Even Hawking himself at one time agreed that there could never be a 'complete' mathematical description of reality.
The nature and significance of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems - Princeton - 2006 Excerpt: ,,Stephen Hawking and Freeman Dyson, among others, have come to the conclusion that Gödel’s theorem implies that there can’t be a Theory of Everything.,, http://math.stanford.edu/~feferman/papers/Godel-IAS.pdf
But the problem that physicists and mathematicians face for finding a mathematical theory of everything, is not only that they have confused mathematical description with the necessity of God in order for mathematics to be held as true in the first place,,,
THE GOD OF THE MATHEMATICIANS - The religious beliefs that guided Kurt Gödel’s revolutionary ideas - DAVID P. GOLDMAN - August 2010 Excerpt: we cannot construct an ontology that makes God dispensable. Secularists can dismiss this as a mere exercise within predefined rules of the game of mathematical logic, but that is sour grapes, for it was the secular side that hoped to substitute logic for God in the first place. Gödel's critique of the continuum hypothesis has the same implication as his incompleteness theorems: Mathematics never will create the sort of closed system that sorts reality into neat boxes. http://www.firstthings.com/article/2010/07/the-god-of-the-mathematicians
But the problem for mathematicians and physicists is also that General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics resolutely refuse to unified into a mathematical theory of everything,
Bohemian Gravity - Rob Sheldon - September 19, 2013 Excerpt: there’s a large contingent of physicists who believe that string theory is the heroin of theoretical physics. It has absorbed not just millions of dollars, but hundreds if not thousands of grad student lifetimes without delivering what it promised–a unified theory of the universe and life. It is hard, in fact, to find a single contribution from string theory despite 25 years of intense effort by thousands of the very brightest and best minds our society can find.,, http://rbsp.info/PROCRUSTES/bohemian-gravity/ A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity! - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rjbtsX7twc

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