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NASA cares what your religion thinks about ET

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gravity map of Moon/NASA

Royal Society From Suzan Mazur’s Public Evolution Summit:

At a meeting last May in New York with Andrew Pohorille, NASA’s senior-most scientist on origins of life, Pohorille told me that there is a certain factor to life that far cannot be captured in the lab, i.e., life is not purely a technical matter, and that he does not expect “we” will find life anywhere else in the solar system, including Mars – he added that there is as yet o consensus on what life is. But what Andrew Pohorille did not tell me at the time was that just a few days prior to our meeting, NASA’s Astrobiology Program—headed by Mary Voytek—awarded $1.108 million (5% of its annual budget) to the Center of Theological Inquiry, a religious think tank with more than $23 million in assets, to investigate how the world’s religions might respond to the discovery of life on other planets. John Templeton Foundation is co-sponsoring the two-year project (2015-2017) with a $1.7 million grant to CTI.
(pp. 87–88)

Couple thoughts here: First, one would expect that those world religions that care much one way or the other if NASA finds bacteria in space could fund their own examination of the question. Of course, they might apply to Templeton for funding but why need NASA be involved?

It’s unclear which religions would care much or why. In his Divine Comedy, mediaeval poet Dante peopled all the known planets, organized according to his cosmology as heavens. A popular mediaeval belief had it that the man in the moon had been booted there by a scandalized Moses because he refused to observe the Sabbath.

Beliefs of this sort have abounded from cultures around the world. I could see someone getting a grant to write a monograph on the issue, maybe a book, but … a government program?

Templeton’s been a puzzle to many of us for years. They may have lost control of their mission.

See also: Opposition to Galileo based on science, not just religion?

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Whatever NASA comes up with, the people who imagined this stuff would be wretchedly disappointed:

Dante and Beatrice meet twelve wise men in the Sphere of the Sun (miniature by Giovanni di Paolo), Canto 10.
Per 'SPIRAL' cosmological redshift hypothsis water, Earth and and vegetation preceded cosmic expansion. bottom line anything out there (aside came from by here, and not that long ago ('thousands not billions') SPIRAL vs Standard free cosmology model info-graphic: https://www.researchgate.net/.../291972501... Pearlman
I don't know about all this as I believe Daniel's 70th week was fulfilled by our Lord and the Apostles to Israel in the first century. As for the 'Anti Christ well again it is a matter of interpretation and I do not subscribe to John Darby's Dispensationalism. There have been and are many antiChrists. Many people in other traditions not Western thoroughly believe Mohammed was The Antichrist and judging from the behavior of his followers it has more credence than thinking the Clintons and Obama are The AntiChrist. To be sure, they are anti christian and therefore anti Christs. I am of the opinion that just before the Lord returns there will be a persecution of christians that has never been seen before, this is happening all over the world (Israel is still a big persecutor of christians btw) and is only barely beginning here. Look around and watch as the evil Clinton gang take the WH again. I wished Trump would win, but I don't know if he will. Once the Supreme Court is changed to the left the rights we have now will disappear along with the Constitution. A state's rights issue becomes a new meaning of marriage? Folks, it's gone and not even Trump could fix it, the American people are mired in sin as are too many in the Church. I personally believe Clinton will start WWIII, but that's just me. As for UFOs being demons, maybe, but I also worked in the defense industry and many of the UFOs are our own high tech. Look up Nassikas quantum thruster. Who knows what is going on? It is all speculation and the demonic connection to UFOs does have some evidence behind it, but not all have been messing with the occult. jimmontg
Fascinating times indeed! Truth Will Set You Free

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