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A friend shares with me a courteous letter to the editor (“Atheists deny intelligent design of our universe”, March 17, 2011),

It is the responsibility of parents to not only monitor what is taught in schools, but to provide information that is purposely excluded.
It is painful to witness the lengths to which many atheists go in their attempts to deny intelligent design in both creation and perpetuation. Every time Hawking’s or others add a new layer of speculation concerning the origin of the universe, their information leaves another void that only God can fill. 

I think the author, Michael Wolfe, is right. No responsible parent should take for granted what goes on in the classroom today. The days are long gone when the school board was, basically, your neighbour, the postmistress, and the Anglican rector. But more generally, allowing wild Hawking-style speculations like The Grand Design to be seen as science must surely have a dumbing down effect. Stuff that isn’t even plausible is treated as probable. How much worse would it be if they were teaching mere superstitions? Oh wait, there’s already the “Origin of Life” section in some curricula, right?

Off-topic- It appears Geenland didn't know there was global warming going on- it is colder there now than it was in the 1950s: Kobashi, T., J.P. Severinghaus, J.-M. Barnola, K. Kawamura, T. Carter, and T. Nakaegawa. 2010. Persistent multi-decadal Greenland temperature fluctuation through the last millennium. Climatic Change, 100, 733–756 Joseph
The schools are so concerned over the students self-esteem! Then they teach them they are not only just mutated apes but also responsible for Global Warming and the polluting of the planet, etc. I just finished reading a biology text of my sons and it was so negative about human activities that I was depressed. Sure doesn't do anything for one's self-esteem. smordecai

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