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Louisiana: Goodbye, Darwin in the schools lobby. Now back to teaching. Or what?

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In “Scientists Issue Letter Supporting Louisiana Science Education Act” (Evolution News & Views, May 27, 2011), John West tells us that 15 PhD scientists signed a letter saying that it’s okay for Louisiana teachers to discuss problems with Darwinism. The Louisiana Senate agrees:

yesterday the Louisiana Senate Education Committee voted down a bill that would have repealed the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA). Louisiana College biology professor Wade Warren gave testimony in favor of the LSEA and opposed the repeal, and also distributed to the Committee a letter from 15 Ph.D. scientists supporting academic freedom. The letter (available as a PDF here) also challenges the ideological motives of many of the scientists who have opposed the LSEA. 

Now, with the Darwin lobby out of the way, Louisiana could usefully do something about its poor education showing, in a country that itself does not rank very high. And most sources think it’s because education in the United States has been just one foolish fad after the next, with actual teaching considered a positive evil for decades. Catering to the Darwin lobby is, it seems, a fad too far.

RobertB: "Creationism must attack the real problem here." You mean ID surely! :-) ellazimm
RobertB: "Creationism must attack the real problem here." You mean ID surely! :-) ellazimm
Free at last, free at last, well a little bit. A toe in the door. One does not need ph'ds to justify anything. The people are able. its great to see the agitation and hopefully this success will breed more agitation everywhere. However it still comes down to over throwing any of the invented court conclusions about censoring ideas on origins. Creationism must attack the real problem here. Robert Byers
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I predict a theocracy in Louisiana within two years. Mung

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