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Cosmologist Sean Carroll introduces user-friendly videos explaining naturalism


Sean Carroll 2017.jpg From multiverse cosmologist Sean Carroll we learn that eighty videos are about to hit YouTube:

Some of you might be familiar with the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop I organized way back in 2012. For two and a half days, an interdisciplinary group of naturalists (in the sense of “not believing in the supernatural”) sat around to hash out the following basic question: “So we don’t believe in God, what next?” How do we describe reality, how can we be moral, what are free will and consciousness, those kinds of things. Participants included Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Terrence Deacon, Simon DeDeo, Daniel Dennett, Owen Flanagan, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Janna Levin, Massimo Pigliucci, David Poeppel, Nicholas Pritzker, Alex Rosenberg, Don Ross, and Steven Weinberg.

One wonders whether Sam Harris attended. Barry Arrington touches on Harris’s recent difficulties: “as Kyle Smith at NR reports, Harris’ integrity has landed him in hot water with his fellow progressives, especially Ezra Klein.” Overall, he is often in trouble for treating his mind as if it were not just an illusion, even if he thinks it is.

Anyway, at YouTube:

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How naturalism rots science from the head down

Listening to Rosenberg, Dennett and the rest of the team, one can only conclude that they are a bunch of total morons adamant in getting everything wrong. So much incoherent nonsense, I do not know where to begin. It's a good thing they do not exist as persons. Origenes
Well I have a real concise way that these guys can describe reality to the world. As they conceive of it. I can get it down to 7 words, suitable for a song title, as: "We're All Doomed On This Oblivion Express (Of Life)" groovamos
I hear he has a tour planned: Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea ... Mung
No surprises here. Sean Carroll is an a/mat apologist, a true believer in the a/mat faith. He is an a/mat missionary and the whole world is his mission field. Truth Will Set You Free

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