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7 biggest problems facing science

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According to 270 scientists From Vox:

Scientists often learn more from studies that fail. But failed studies can mean career death. So instead, they’re incentivized to generate positive results they can publish. And the phrase “publish or perish” hangs over nearly every decision. It’s a nagging whisper, like a Jedi’s path to the dark side.

“Over time the most successful people will be those who can best exploit the system,” Paul Smaldino, a cognitive science professor at University of California Merced, says.

To Smaldino, the selection pressures in science have favored less-than-ideal research: “As long as things like publication quantity, and publishing flashy results in fancy journals are incentivized, and people who can do that are rewarded … they’ll be successful, and pass on their successful methods to others.” More.

Funny. We’ve always been told that “selection pressures” (Darwinism) leads to stuff like the origin of life and of the mind.

Is it possible that what doesn’t actually work IS the naturalism part (nature is all there is)?

Why is it illegitimate to discuss that?

Some of us think that the war on falsifiability (to protect naturalism) will end by dissolving science altogether.

Not that the current high science schmumpkins can do much to prevent that dissolution. They can’t even convene a decent meeting on rethinking evolution

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"Is it possible that what doesn’t actually work IS the naturalism part (nature is all there is)?" Yes. But most atheists refuse to admit it because it opens the door to theism...the last thing in the world they want to do. Truth Will Set You Free
Indeed, Robert Byers. The problems with the institutions of science arise from a basic misunderstanding or willful ignorance in regards to human nature. If the solution to this problem continues to be rejected by science, there is not going to be any improvement. Andrew asauber
The first problem is picking 270 and not rounded off to 300. The 30 others probably knew better. It all shows its just people thinking about things and bringing the same incompetence as everyone else in methodology of thinking about things. Whatever a scientist is STILL its a segregation of knowledge from process in using the knowledge. I think we have more intelligence and more science today then ever in history. The failings are not failings of/in science but in humans. That will not change. The problems in science are the problems in people. Evolutionism acceptance being case in point. A biological conclusion entirely based on non biological evidence. Thats a failure of people and not science. Robert Byers

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