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Chalkman!! comes to biology prof’s rescue

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From William Hicks on Evergreen at Heat Street:

The campus erupted in protest a two weeks ago when biology professor Bret Weinstein emailed a student criticizing their plans for the “Day of Absence.” Usually the event is conducted by students of color leaving the campus for the day, but this year they wanted to coerce all white students and faculty to leave instead. Weinstein called this an act of oppression of its own, and was pilloried by hundreds of students who in effect took over the campus in Olympia, Washington.

Since then the school’s administration and faculty have capitulated to almost all the protesters demands and are completely humiliated on a regular basis. It’s all filmed and uploaded to YouTube. The protesters are effectively running the campus, which has been shut down since Thursday due to a violent anonymous threat made to police.

Weinstein has also pathetically tried to insist that science is about measurable results, not protest street theatre. Colleagues are calling for his head. Meanwhile, …

A freshman at Evergreen, Nolan (he preferred not to publish his last name), has started a polite, subversive, Limp Bizkit-themed resistance against the gaggle of protesters. More.

Students are calling for his head.

Superman is still looking for a phone booth to change in. Branding, ya know.

See also: (Journal) Nature: Stuck with a battle it dare not fight, even for the soul of science. Excuse me guys but, as in so many looming strategic disasters, the guns are facing the wrong way.


How can we defend the right to think for ourselves? You need true grit and a thick skin

Dionisio: That Canadian Professor is quite bussy posting on Steven C Meyer's page on social media. https://www.facebook.com/drstephencmeyer/photos/a.10150192275619552.379990.115971464551/10156332646614552/?type=3&theater It would be nice to see him and his friend Jerry Coyne on a debate against true scientists, but I don't think we would see that happen on our lifetime. Seems to be the same case for all these skeptic professors and academics, they are very good at posting blog posts but they can´t really defend their position for very long. Computer Science and engineering are clear proof of design, if man can design then any intelligent agent can. But hey, Biologists doesn't seem too happy to even accept the possibility (not all of them) Craig Venter's "artificial cell" is an interesting case by the way: http://www.nature.com/news/minimal-cell-raises-stakes-in-race-to-harness-synthetic-life-1.19633 So, according to materialism humans are the only ones in this vast universe to be able to tinker with the building blocks of life? And they criticize theists for believing in miracles? You need a huge leap of faith for that. But it doesn't really matter isn't it? Science is about marchin marchin, we'll find some naturalistic explanation along the way. kurx78
Phinehas at 3: Yes, if you pay taxes in a Western world jurisdiction, your tax dollars are funding U fascism. Complain. Or, as I like to say, my "free speech zone" is the Dominion of Canada - a very large part of the planet's land mass. And I will insist on it. Do the same, wherever you are. Root out fascism wherever you find it. News
Are my tax dollars really going to fund the institution that allows and encourages this kind of behavior through its education? Phinehas
Why is it that no one came to rescue a nice Canadian professor when some ignorant guy here dared to ask him dishonest questions with hidden tricky words subliminally inserted within the text? Dionisio
Liberal protests are a parody of themselves. EricMH

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