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Have fun with agnostic mathematician David Berlinski, deflating scientism



Has secularism in the terrible twentieth century been a force for good?

Not even close to being close.

Is there a narrow and oppressive orthodoxy of thought and opinion within the sciences?

Close enough.

Does anything in the sciences or in their philosophy justify the claim that religious belief is irrational?

Not even ballpark.

Is scientific atheism a frivolous exercise in intellectual contempt?

Dead on. More.

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By the way, scientism has been taking its lumps from unexpected quarters recently. In popularity, it now rivals rheumatoid arthritis. Hmmm. A point of view guaranteed to sell mediocre, unimaginative and unpromising work at hugely inflated prices, and it’s … unpopular among the classes that produce such work to order? Either we are seeing a huge spike in ethics and clear thinking or we will be seeing a huge “ideas market correction” soon, in defense of scientism.

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The Devil's Delusion is a wonderfully witty, wry commentary on science and faith. Barb

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