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Remembering Phil Skell

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Casey Luskin reports the passing of our colleague and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Phil Skell.

Phil Skell

Philip S. Skell, sometimes called “the father of carbene chemistry,” is widely known for the “Skell Rule,” which was first applied to carbenes, the “fleeting species” of carbon. The rule, which predicts the most probable pathway through which certain chemical compounds will be formed, found use throughout the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Later in his career, Phil became a skeptic of neo-Darwinian evolution. His main position was that Darwinism does not serve as the cornerstone of biological thought that many claim it does.

Giving Thanks for Dr. Philip Skell

Philip Skell > Jerry Coyne, PZ Meyer, Larry Moran, Richard Dawkins, Art Hunt, John Avise, Ken Miller, Sean Carroll, Steve Matheson, Nick Matzke, Wesly Elseberry, Ian Musgrave, Barbara Forrest, Kevin Padian, Francisco Ayala, Richard Lewontin, Laurence Krauss, Robert Pennock, Philip Kitcher, Michael Zimmerman, Bruce Alberts....etc, etc Rest in peace Dr Skell. Upright BiPed
A man who actually achieved something and therefore, if I may say so, a little sharper then the rest. A cut above. Sure enough he is the one to question conclusions from evolution as without standing. Then he explains the great agenda affecting origin issues today by the present establishment. He defends the search for truth. Yet says one must hide ones true beliefs to get ahead. I think its more important to insist on truth and processes to truth. We all inherit those who fought for truth in the past. He said something i noticed. First comes a breakthrough by true researchers and then the evolution crowd adds to it some interpretation and gives an impression of evolution being the author of insight. Anyways hopefully this mans words and success bring forth after his kind to the gain of creationism(s). Robert Byers

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