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UD Commenter Nick Matzke in Prestigious Scientific Journal Nature Again


I believe this is already the 2nd time that Nick has graced the pages of the world’s leading science journal. See:
Predicting a state shift in the biosphere, and communicating it. Looks like it is the cover story too!

Nick and I have been opponents in the ID / Evolution debate for years. I’m glad that scientists of his caliber visit UD and debate with us. Congrats Nick.

The other time I congratulated Nick was here: Congrats Nick Matzke for Publishing ID Sympathetic Paper

Indeed I also note that climate equals danger work is a out of proportion celebrated and applauded. There is a agenda to these top things to gang together to defeat the danger. There is no danger of coarse. By the way its not tasteless joke and for sure Hollywood rewards movies out of all proportion and merit that highlight the issues and causes they want to have prestige added to. For sure Holocaust, foreign history, has way long ago been highlighted and rewarded. This is because of the heavy Jewish presence there and not a natural interest or passion of Americans. The highest things are run by small numbers of people and easily become concentrated in certain subjects and passions. Just as in origin issues evolution is celebrated passionately by those little aware of its actual case in "scientific" circles. This is also why change is and can be done since one is not changing the great populace of a nation or civilization. Robert Byers
"The message of the paper is that, while much is uncertain, we think that the biosphere – the global community of species and ecosystems – is heading for a “state shift”, or “tipping point”, due to human activity." Oh, boy. Interesting that this comes out shortly after the NCSE publicly jumped on the climate-change-due-to-evil-humans bandwaggon (or is it just the next funding bandwagon?). Any connection? Nevertheless, congratulations are in order for Nick! Eric Anderson
Congrats, Nick! And thank you for coming here and Dr. Hunter's blog to engage us ID'ers. Keeps us on our toes :) JoeCoder
That must bring a great sense of personal accomplishment. But I can't help but be reminded of Ricky Gervais' tasteless joke (no suprise there!) directed at Kate Winslet telling her "in Hollywood she needs to do a holocaust movie and the awards will come" In science today is doing the "man is destroying the earth thing" one of the required routes to awards and recognition? steveO

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