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Karl Giberson and Francis Collins explain how Canadians can become a separate species


The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions In The Language of Science and Faith, (IVP Books, 2011) explaining how microevolution can become macroevolution, they explain,

If a population of some species undergoes a substantial number of such changes [genetic mutations], it can eventually turn into a new species, a process called speciation. Usually speciation requires that the population be geographically isolated from other related populations so that the beneficial genes do not get diluted among the entire population. Mutations in the human species, for example, can easily spread among the entire population. But if everyone from, say, Canada, moved to the moon, then mutations in that population could eventually, over millions of yeas, lead to a new species that would be unable to breed with the parent species on earth. The new species would not necessarily be more advanced in any meaningful sense; it might even be less advanced according to some criteria. But it would be different.

Some sources don’t find this example a slam dunk. Thoughts? Note: It may already have happened.

Torontonians separate species already?
As a Canadian i say that unless the segregation that dominates Canada was to end there would be no breeding species evolving. The "diversity' is in this case over throws the analogy. I further add that diversity on earth was always greatest the further you go back. Ideas on evolution of species only have a start because its presumed there was no starting diversity. Yet from the fall and after the flood diversity was the norm even if the mechanism is not understood. Robert Byers
I personally would breed with a Canadian lovely and cute woman!!! Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
I thought Canadians already are a separate species. A ring species perhaps, but still. Doesn't their view entail that species do not exist? If so, how can Canadians change from one thing that does not exist to yet another thing that does not exist? If species are real, doesn't that mean that Darwinism is false? Mung
I personally would never breed with a Canadian. tragic mishap
Lawlz If this was the case we would expect to see a rather stark geographic distribution of species. Instead, there's people of the same species on every continent. atheistIDer
I say we send all the evos to the Moon and then go back in a million years. Joseph

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