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Cancel Culture (medicine)

Trust the Science!: Woke edition

Summary: The people who carried on in the past about “science denial!” either 1) never really cared about science denial and were merely using it as a term of convenience or 2) they will rise to the occasion and do something about this stuff now. Any takers on a bet as to how that will go? If science is rescued at all, it will probably be rescued by its supposed enemies. Read More ›

Jerry Coyne on Cancel Culture’s hit on medical science

The new terminology would make it hard for most family doctors to talk plainly about typical health issues around, say, obesity or substance abuse very clearly. One doesn’t get the impression from the Woke rhetoric that the patient can decide to make changes that lead to better health. Yet people in all social groups do that every day. Anyway, Coyne is way more useful fighting this than fighting design in nature. Read More ›