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Dave Coppedge

Dave Coppedge on how whales give evidence for the design of life

Coppedge: The Illustra Media documentary Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth shares amazing information about humpback whales: their enigmatic songs, their multiple adaptations for aquatic life that defy the evolutionary mechanism, and the “miraculous web” of blood vessels that refrigerates the male reproductive organs to safe levels for sperm production. Read More ›

Coppedge: Arabian artifacts undermine current human evolution model

Yes, that human “species interbreeding” stuff nags at some of the rest of us too. But maybe a Darwinist needs to think that way. Anyway, Arabian sands may preserve many of our ancestors’ artifacts. We always say, keep digging. Read More ›

Dave Coppedge comments on New Scientist’s “Big Bang” origin of life theory

Coppedge: Marshall and the evolutionists he marshals together know full well that any of the basic requirements for life – metabolism, a container and a code – are unlikely to spontaneously form separately, much less together at the same time and place. Read More ›