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Dave Coppedge on how whales give evidence for the design of life

Coppedge: The Illustra Media documentary Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth shares amazing information about humpback whales: their enigmatic songs, their multiple adaptations for aquatic life that defy the evolutionary mechanism, and the “miraculous web” of blood vessels that refrigerates the male reproductive organs to safe levels for sperm production. Read More ›

Can giant ichthyosaur fossil shed light on whale development?

Really, the only connection is that youngorum is another life form that grew very large in a comparatively short period of time. Maybe a number of unrelated examples will point to a general rule but the story doesn’t shed light on the peculiar history of whales. Read More ›

The four-legged whale: The biggest tourist attraction that never was?

Casey Luskin: The problem with these claims? That’s right, folks — they didn’t find any of the fossil’s legs. Everything you just read about this fossil is the product of imagination. In fact, if you check the technical paper you’ll learn that they found very little of the fossil at all. Read More ›

American Museum of Natural History: Whale and hippo skin adaptations evolved independently

Researcher: "Our latest findings contradict the current dogma in the field—that relatives of the amphibious hippo might have been part of the transition as mammals re-entered life in the water." Read More ›

Researchers: Toothed and non-toothed (baleen) whales evolved similar features independently

Researcher: "The degree to which baleen whales and dolphins independently arrive at the same overall swimming adaptations, rather than these traits evolving once in the common ancestor of both groups, surprised us," Read More ›