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de novo microproteins

How did microproteins appear from nowhere?

So... old proteins were present in the very earliest life forms (and yet, presumably, were complex enough to be identified as proteins?) And “ most microproteins emerged more or less ‘out of nowhere—in other words, out of DNA regions that weren't previously tasked with producing proteins,’…”? Like we said before, guys, just keep talking. Face the mike and keep talking… Read More ›

On the preprint server: Human micro proteins that sprang from nothing

Researchers: " Given their short length it is plausible that some of these functional microproteins have recently originated entirely de novo from non-coding sequence. Here we test the possibility that de novo gene birth can produce microproteins that are functional 'out-of-the-box'. " So is everybody a creationist now but some people are in denial about it? Read More ›