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Douglas Rushkoff

Key Silicon Valley figures hope to beat death the transhumanist way

You, by the way, are doomed: Everything has a history, including Silicon Valley. According to a new media theorist, Douglas Rushkoff, an influential Valley philosophy might underlie the current attitudes, values, and beliefs: “There is a Silicon Valley religion, and it’s one that doesn’t particularly care for people — at least not in our present form. Technologists may pretend to be led by a utilitarian, computational logic devoid of superstition, but make no mistake: There is a prophetic belief system embedded in the technologies and business plans coming out of Google, Uber, Facebook, and Amazon, among others.” Denyse O’Leary, “Silicon Valley’s strange, apocalyptic cult” at Mind Matters News It would explain a lot of crazy. See also: The idol with Read More ›