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Drake equation

Some people think they can tell us what space aliens will be like

So if aliens exist, they must be just like us because… evolution. This is a religion. Didn't say it was a bad religion. But definitely a religion. Read More ›

Atlantic writer loses his faith in aliens

And starts to come to terms with the difference that makes: If the revelation that humans are probably alone in our universe stands, and as that revelation sinks into our collective psyche, it could effect a second, weirder Copernican revolution in culture. To begin with, it’s really hard to square humanity’s status as perhaps the only intelligent species in all of time and space with the idea that we are insignificant. To the contrary, the everyday breath of the least of us contains meaning in so concentrated a form that a cup’s worth of it could be doled out to a dozen star systems, transforming the arid matter into a garden of significance. There’s been a lot of talk in Read More ›