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Erik J. Larson

William Dembski: Why computers will likely never perform abductive inferences

Computers require complete data to come to a correct conclusion but humans often work very well with incomplete data. Read More ›

William Dembski: Artificial intelligence understands by not understanding

Dembski continues to reflect on Erik J. Larson’s new book, The Myth of Artificial Intelligence: Why Computers Can’t Think the Way We Do (2021). He recalls his experiences learning to write boilerplate for a psychology chatbot back in 1982. Read More ›

From Bill Dembski: Automated driving and other failures of AI

Dembski: in the cossetted and sanitized environments that we have constructed for ourselves in the U.S., have no clue of what capabilities AI actually needs to achieve to truly match what humans can do. The shortfall facing AI is extreme. Read More ›

Science writer John Horgan explains how he came to doubt the AI apocalypse

Takehome: Horgan finds that, despite the enormous advances in neuroscience, genetics, cognitive science, and AI, our minds remain “as mysterious as ever.” Read More ›