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Hal 9000

Could HAL 9000 ever be built? Robert Marks thinks so

But could the psychotic computer ever be conscious? That’s another story. Marks, an author of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, weighs in, on the 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey. At one point on the trip from Earth to Jupiter, HAL becomes suspicious that the crew might be sabotaging the mission. HAL then purposely tries to kill all the crew. The most logical explanation for this act is a coding error. HAL was programmed to operate on the basis that the mission took priority over human life. By contrast, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov did not allow his AI to kill. … More. See also: Screenwriters’ jobs are not threatened by AI (Robert J.Marks) AI That Can Read Minds? Deconstructing AI Read More ›