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Hubble constant

When science becomes religion, science journalists write the scriptures

Asked at Aeon, “Are we part of a dying reality or a blip in eternity? The value of the Hubble Constant could tell us which terror awaits." Bet on them all being wrong. That’s probably the only thing that has happened lots of times before. Read More ›

At New Scientist: There’s a basic fact about the universe that we “still don’t understand”

Here’s a question: What if the basic fact we “still don't understand” is that the evidence shows that the universe is fine-tuned and that therefore, fine-tuning is not an illusion that needs explaining away? Would that simplify things? If so, how? Another question (now that we’re here anyway): How much publicly funded cosmology exists simply to promote a naturalist atheist (no fine-tuning) worldview? And what is the science rationale for that? Read More ›

Rob Sheldon: Here’s why physicists are surprised by the universe’s increased expansion rate

The two methods differ in that one is "direct" and the other "indirect". Clearly one or both of them is making a mistake. Since it is hard to find (and people have looked) a reason why the direct method is failing, the feeling is that the indirect method must have a mistake in its model. Read More ›

Could new galactic measurements “upend current theories” of physics?

At Horizons EU we are told, “New efforts to figure out just how fast the universe has expanded since the Big Bang, a speed known as the Hubble constant, could upend current theories of physics , according to some scientists. If current theories were upended, who would know. Consider these stories from this month alone: Discover: Even the best dark matter theories “are crumbling” Is there a crisis in the physics of our time? The cat is back: Is quantum theory dead, alive, AND contradicting itself? “Perhaps physics has slipped into a post-empirical era…” That’s a lot of fundamental uncertainty, as opposed to the endless quibbles of any scholarly discipline. Ultimately, more accurate measurements would establish the correct value of Read More ›

“Expanding blueberry muffin” picture of the universe collapses

And cosmologists race to win a “great cosmic bake-off” to produce a new one, says astrophysicist: Just as cosmological measurements have became so precise that the value of the Hubble constant was expected to be known once and for all, it has been found instead that things don’t make sense. Instead of one we now have two showstopping results. On the one side we have the new very precise measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background – the afterglow of the Big Bang – from the Planck mission, that has measured the Hubble Constant to be about 46,200 miles per hour per million light years (or using cosmologists’ units 67.4 km/s/Mpc). On the other side we have new measurements of pulsating Read More ›