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junk RNA

At The Scientist: “Junk RNA” is top science news in 2019

A "completely unknown biology," says a researcher. “There really is no framework in biology as we know it today that would explain how RNA and glycans could ever be in the same place at the same time" Read More ›

Remember junk RNA? Cell division requires a balanced level of it

Researcher: These non-coding RNAs are once considered as "junk". In recent years, however, researches have revealed vital roles of non-coding RNA, such as in gene regulation and maintaining chromosome structure Read More ›

RNA is no longer “worthless junk”; today’s revelations “unthinkable 20 years ago”

Rob Sheldon responds, “I think this is more than enough justification for the last 20 years of ID. Now can we get past the meme that ID isn't science? That's so 2005.” He is referring to the fact that the ID folk never thought it was junk. One reason the ID folk were supposed to be wrong was that junk DNA proved Darwinism. Read More ›