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Michael Polanyi

A friend reminds us of what philosopher Michael Polanyi had to say about Darwinian evolution

Doesn’t seem like Oxford liked him much for that. And then there’s what Gertrude Himmelfarb had to say at the same time… Hey, a walk through history when it is fun and instructive. Read More ›

Philosopher suggests another reason why machines can’t think as we do

As philosopher Michael Polanyi has noted, much that we know is hard to codify or automate. From Denyse O’Leary at Mind Matters Today We have all encountered that problem. It’s common in healthcare and personal counseling. Some knowledge simply cannot be conveyed—or understood or accepted—in a propositional form. For example, a nurse counselor may see clearly that her elderly post-operative patient would thrive better in a retirement home than in his rundown private home with several staircases. The analysis, as such, is straightforward. But that is not the challenge the nurse faces. Her challenge is to convey to the patient, not the information itself, but her tacit knowledge that the proposed move would liberate, rather than restrict him. More. Reality Read More ›