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Philip Goff

A thoughtful critique of Philip Goff’s panpsychism

Umar Nasser: I was quite disappointed at his treatment of dualism. I felt like he listed some objections against it but didn't really seek to give counter-objections, as it might hold up too well as compared to his preferred option of panpsychism [everything is conscious to some degree]. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Philosopher: Panpsychism is not in conflict with physics at all

Remember Egnor ’s Principle: If your hypothesis is that your mind is an illusion, then you do not have a hypothesis. The panpsychists want to have a hypothesis. They want to include consciousness as a real fact in nature while avoiding dualism. Read More ›

Michael Egnor on why we don’t live in a multiverse

Egnor: The problem is, to make their claim credible, [Novella and Goff] must show that there actually are localities in the universe in which the laws of physics differ in a way that would make fine tuning likely by chance. Read More ›

Michael Egnor sympathizes with people who think the universe is conscious

Michaael Egnor: There is no doubt that consciousness is a fundamental property of animal and human existence. As philosopher Philip Goff notes, a philosophy that cannot plausibly account for it cannot be correct. Read More ›

Late stage materialism?: Panpsychism (your coffee mug is conscious) sounds crazy but…

If you believe that nature is all there is and you can’t otherwise explain the mind, the mind must be part of nature and therefore electrons are conscious. Unless you want to say that the mind is an illusion. Read More ›