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Prehistoric Planet (film)

Fun! Are these the most realistic CGI dinosaurs ever?

Gizmodo says they are: … Now, I suggest you compare all that you’ve seen about dinosaurs before to Apple TV+’s newest five-part series, Prehistoric Planet, which shows the true lives of dinosaurs as they were 66 million years ago, to our best current understanding. There are reptiles that need back scratches, hadrosaurs harried by mosquitos, and pterosaurs stressed out about finding a mate. In other words, Prehistoric Planet makes it apparent how similar (in some ways) dinosaurs are to us. And it makes those depictions super-real using top-of-the-line CGI and the work of over 1,500 people, including paleoartists, CGI artists, paleontologists, cinematographers, and more (like Sir David Attenborough, who narrated the series). Isaac Schultz, “These 13 Images Depict the Most Read More ›