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Study of baby Diplodocus skull prompts new theories of dinosaur behavior

We are starting to get so much more information now: Andrew had a short narrow snout, whereas his parents had wide, square snouts. His snout was suited to forests, but his parents would be grazing the ground in open areas. But if adults fed their babies, why would they need to have different teeth and snouts? […]

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Soft tissue find shows dinosaurs had birdlike lungs

Turns out we didn’t need Jurassic Park: The lungs and feathers of a bird that lived 120 million years ago had some of the same characteristics found in today’s birds, researchers reported yesterday (October 18) in PNAS… They examined a sample with scanning electron microscopy and found an extremely subdivided structure much like that enabling […]

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The Atlantic: “Nastiest feud in science” erupts over dinosaur extinction theory

Paleontologist Gerta Keller attributes the extinction 66 million years ago of three-quarters of Earth’s species, including all dinosaurs, not to an asteroid hit but to a series of volcanic eruptions. A writer goes with her on a field trip: The prestige of science is solidly behind the asteroid: The impact theory provided an elegant solution […]

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Researchers: New find forces “complete” rethink of dinosaur history

For one thing, advanced dinosaurs existed much earlier than thought. From ScienceDaily: “We were surprised to find a close relative of Diplodocus in East Asia 174 million years ago. It’s commonly thought that sauropods did not disperse there until 200 million years ago and many of their giant descendants, reached this region much later, if […]

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Can study of color patterns in dinosaurs shed light on behavior?

Sometimes. From Helen Gordon at Wired: Long thought an impossible dream, the emerging field of palaeocolour is revolutionising our view of the prehistoric world, turning it from black-and-white into glorious technicolour. So far only a handful of dinosaurs, insects and reptiles have been studied but, as Johan Lindgren, a scientist from the University of Lund, […]