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Stuart Pivar

More pop science fallout re Jeffrey Epstein: Stu Pivar and PZ Myers

No, no, Pivar and Myers didn’t do anything except fall out—with litigation threatened. But there’s an Epstein connection in the story—as there seems to be to a lot of things Darwin these says. And, say what you want, that guy Epstein sure picked his targets. Read More ›

At Oscillations: How we go from a sphere to a torus

At her blog, Oscillations, Suzan Mazur reports on the lecture series Simons Center for Geometry and Physics has been hosting at Stony Brook University, on Nonequilibrium Physics in Biology: Among the more interesting presenters is Kim Sneppen, a professor of complex systems and biophysics at Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, who addresses the diversity of shapes in the biological world. Sneppen says, “We are basically all doughnuts” and describes how we go from a sphere to a torus in his talk titled: “Theoretical Tool Bridging Cell Polarities with Development of Morphologies.” Suzan Mazur, “Kim Sneppen, Simons Center Talk: “We are basically all doughnuts”” at Oscillations Mazur discusses his approach to embryology and along the way mentions Stuart Pivar, an early Read More ›