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Suzan Mazur

At Oscillations: Michael Ruse’s attempted takedown of evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin (but read the story!)

Ruse appears to have been a relentless enforcer of Darwinian orthodoxy behind the scenes, including a blistering attack on philosopher Jerry Fodor, who questioned it. Read More ›

At Oscillations: Information on the Linnean Society Virtual Meeting (June 28–29)

Oscillations is science writer Suzan Mazur’s blog. Mazur draws attention to the Linnean Society’s virtual conference, Evolution ‘On Purpose’: Teleonomy in Living Systems: “Living systems exhibit an internal teleology, the full implications of which have not been explored. This meeting will address various aspects of this phenomenon, including its scope and meaning, and its many forms and facets.” Read More ›

At Oscillations: Cytogeneticist Antonio Lima-de-Faria torches obscurantism in science in new book, Suzan Mazur reports

He was an early non-Darwinian evolutionist (1988 is pretty early), mainly a structuralist. He continues to publish books at nearly 100 years of age. Read More ›

At Oscillations: Suzan Mazur wonders what’s got into Eugene Koonin and Dieter Braun

Readers may recall Eugene Koonin as not particularly a Darwinian. As of 2018, Dieter Braun was more ambivalent. But Mazur notes that something has changed. Is it some light they have seen or has someone warned them to be more submissive? Read More ›

The College Board Exams (Darwin-only evolution) meets COVID-19

Independent journalist Suzan Mazur followed up with the College Board testing on evolution knowledge among U.S. students, which seems to test mainly for familiarity with the Darwin sect’s interpretation. Well, we can spare you the suspense, dear readers, by revealing that they weren't thrilled to hear a critical question. Read More ›

At Oscillations: “Natural selection” issue stirs again at College Boards

It goes on and gets way better. You’ll be amazed at the idiocracy that the testing establishment takes for granted and promotes. Read at her site about how one testcrat even administered the same test twice, a fact advertised on the internet… and more. By the way, why don't we hear much about this from other science writers? Read More ›

Suzan Mazur: World Science Foundation Evening on Mars “marred,” so to speak, by a second-rate panel

She also reveals that a two-page survey was handed out, asking a number of none-o’-yer-business questions on behalf of “Audience Research & Analysis, an organization that helps government agencies and cultural agencies to “move forward with decision research.” Read More ›

Suzan Mazur: World Science Festival is purveying an out-of-date Darwinism

She notes: “The problem with Wilson’s perspective is that Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been discredited. Biology is no longer the descriptive science it once was.” Read More ›