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Taking Leave of Darwin (2021)

Hank Hanegraff interviews Neil Thomas – a skeptic who is skeptical of Darwin

From podcast info: As he studied the work of Darwin’s defenders, he found himself encountering tactics eerily similar to the methods of political brainwashing he had studied as a scholar. Thomas felt impelled to write a book as a sort of warning call to humanity: “Beware! You have been fooled!” Read More ›

Here’s a podcast with Neil Thomas on his new book, Taking Leave of Darwin

From podcast introduction: An erudite and settled Darwinist living comfortably in a thoroughly secular English academic culture, Thomas nevertheless came to reject Darwinian materialism and, as he insists, did so on purely rationalist grounds. Read More ›

Privileged Address: An excerpt from Neil Thomas’s Taking Leave of Darwin

Neil Thomas: Through the lens of a celestial telescope, it is true, one can see little but the unfeeling immensity of that unremittingly hostile universe invoked by [Bertrand] Russell, but if we look around us here on Earth we can see a planet which seems entirely discontinuous with the rest of the observable cosmos and abounding in a host of benign phenomena so numerous that they tend to go largely unnoticed. Read More ›

One day, a longtime agnostic suddenly realized that Darwinism couldn’t be true

Witt: "Critics of intelligent design will have a hard time maligning Thomas as a “creationist in a cheap tuxedo.” He isn’t religious and is a longtime member of the British Rationalist Association, a group known for religious skepticism." Read More ›